witching the unspoken

The notions of magic and poetry will serve as an entry point to rethink space, time, and body – the fundamentals of the practice of choreography and witchcraft. Open gardens of Villa Berg will shapeshift for this occasion as the voices of the past will be raised.The event has an open form that aims to converse with the past and bring the unheard voices to contemporary discourse. For this occasion it creates small dances and witch stories that are reenacted from Vala’s archives that include ghosts, spirits, dreams, hallucinations, and also non-human creatures.

“Witching the Unspoken” is the research that tackles the idea of queering the archives as an attempt to reclaim and redefine the relationships of power and knowledge. In this process the artist is analysing the archives by tracing the invisible, hidden, and lost. It analyses and queers the remains of a century old villa located in Kraków, Poland. Since its foundation in 1907, the villa has been a site of cultural activity and an important reference for the local community of the city, as testified in its archives. This place has also been home for a queer art community (Lamella the house of queer arts) for several years until the eviction in 2018.

Vala is a poetic choreographer, performance maker, physical thinker, improvising artist, as well as community leader, art curator, host and producer based in Krakow, Poland. Vala moved to Copenhagen in 2019, currently enrolled at Malmö Art Academy.www.valatanz.wixsite.com/valatanz

Supported by Kulturamt der Stadt Stuttgart, in cooperation with Kunstverein Gästezimmer and Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart

Performance Act von Vala T. Foltyn

Kuratiert von The Real Office

7.August 2021, 15 Uhr
Villa Berg–Park, Westwiese

Design: Levin Stadler