Alternative Facts

June 6 – 9, 2018

* Calwer Kopfbau, Stuttgart *


With: Silvia Amancei & Bogdan Armanu, Lörinc Borsos, Helmut Dietz, Miķelis Fišers, Andy Holden, jöchlTragseiler, Sabine Kuehnle, Hadas Emma Kedar, Katharina Anna Loidl, Tatjana Macic, monochrom (J. Grenzfurthner, G. Friesinger a. o.), Georg Paul Thomann, Florian Voggeneder, a. o.


Assembling different artistic positions, the exhibition ALTERNATIVE FACTS tries to show possibilities of alteration and interpretation of reality, the use of fictions, and different constructions of the world. The artists show natural and urban spaces between dystopia and utopia, play with fictional institutions or artists’ identities, publications, or place their fictions within reality.

The exhibition follows the question of how important such forms of reality shifts and the localization of new reality concepts are—and whether they are signs of a positive re-interpretation of ALTERNATIVE FACTS. The construction of reality is present as the real—not inside a white cube but in a soon to be demolished office building, with a small temporary cocktail bar…

An exhibition by Birgit Gebhard & Maximilian Lehner (The Real Office. Kunst + Realität)

Scenography: Helmut Dietz

Image: Silvia Amancei & Bogdan Armanu, Building Networks (Body Of Work‚ 79 — 83. The Unknown Practice Of Silvia Amancei & Bogdan Armanu), digital photography, 1980

Graphic design: superfabrik

Photography: Kai Fischer

Funded by Kulturamt der Stadt Stuttgart