NESS – The Miracles of Oral Pleasures

November 30, 2019


* Ritual, (brunch*) performance with Valentine Tanz/Vala T. Foltyn *

We would like to invite you for an encounter around the notions of -ness ( other_ness, queer_ness, fem_ness, gay_ness, ), which we encounter every day and in every language. Ness in Hebrew stands for “miracle”. On Sunday, we call you to come together, to descend from our poetic bodies and imaginations, to become the miracles while enjoying the oral pleasures of eating and talking. We will share time and space, while creating the togetherness of queerness. We will choreograph a space where queerness and other ness_es have chance to become miracles, where the darkness can become lightness, where sadness can become joyfulness. Come as you are, bring your body, a favorite poem and food to be shared. We will create a ritual where food, feelings and thoughts will be mutually shared in a safe and loving space.

The ritual will be tenderly guided by VALENTINE TANZ/VALA T. FOLTYN is a poetic choreographer, queer witch, priestess of love, disobedient shape-shifter, devotional singer, visual mythology artist and political activist. She graduated from Jagiellonian University in Kraków in Poland – cultural anthropology and Performers House in Denmark and Artness by Shahar Dor in Israel. In 2019 she fled to Copenhagen due to raising violence against LGTBQ people in Poland.

Ness – the miracles of oral pleasures is part of the exhibition Strike Gently Away 2 and is funded by the DANISH ARTS FOUNDATION.