December 8, 2019


* A Performance by Susann Maria Hempel and Cássio Diniz Santiago *

S.C.H.U.U.L.E. is a performance by Susann Maria Hempel and Cássio Diniz Santiago set in a classroom, where twelve professors impart unconventional knowledge. They share experiences they gain from living with “a disability”. The audience is invited to take the place of the students and to participate in a performative lesson that “returns to us an image in which we are not recognizable to ourselves”. (Maniglier, 2005)

Teachers: Katharina Gypser, Josefine Kappert, Madlen Schädelich, Christoph Schörlitz, Katja Springer, Sandy Stölzel, Horst Kirchner, Thomas Brix, André Künzel, Olaf Müller, Robert Nawroth, Ronny Stölzel

S.C.H.U.U.L.E is part of the exhibition Strike Gently Away 2.

The performance S.C.H.U.U.L.E. is a project of Diakonieverein Carolinenfeld e.V. in cooperation with Alte Papierfabrik Greiz e.V.. S.C.H.U.U.L.E. is made possible by Akademie der Künste Berlin, Aktion Mensch, and Landkreis Greiz.